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Laser cutting perforation technology

Date:2/19/2013 11:05:15 PM Hits:  Keywords:Laser cutting China laser cutting Laser cutting processing
Any kind of laser cutting technology, in addition to a few cases from the plate edge began to outside, generally must wear a hole on the plate. Earlier in the laser punching compound machine is to use punch first rushed out of a hole, and then use laser cutting holes from the start. For no stamping device of laser cutting machine has two kinds of perforated basic methods:

1.Blastdrilling:Material treated by continuous laser irradiation in center after the formation of a pit, and then with the laser beam coaxial oxygen flow will soon be molten material removal form a hole. General hole size and thickness are concerned, blasting hole average diameter for half of the thickness, and the thicker plate blasting hole size is larger, and not round, not in use for higher parts (such as oil screen seam pipe), can only be used for the waste. In addition due to punch the oxygen pressure and cutting the same, bigger splash.

Metal laser cutting machine
2.Pulsedrilling:The peak value of pulse laser power that a small amount of material melt or vaporization, commonly used air or nitrogen as the assistant gas, in order to reduce because of exothermic oxidation make hole expansion, gas pressure is cutting the oxygen pressure small. Each pulse laser makes small particles injection, and gradually thorough, so thick plate punch time should be a few seconds. Once the perforated completion, immediately auxiliary gas with oxygen for cutting. This small hole diameter, the hole is superior in quality to those from blasting hole.Therefore the use of laser should not only has high output power; More important when the beam of time and space characteristics, so the general crosscurrent CO2 laser can not adapt to the requirements of the laser cutting. In addition pulse punch also need to have a reliable gas circuit control system, so as to realize the gas type, gas pressure switch and aperture time control. In the pulse perforated circumstances, in order to obtain high quality of incision, from the rest of the pulse punch to the uniform continuous cutting transition technology should be pay attention to. Theoretically usually change accelerating period of cutting conditions, such as focal length, nozzle position, gas pressure, etc., but actually because of the time is too short change the above conditions is unlikely.

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